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The Magnum 5.9 motors built by Chrysler are known strictly for performance. With the first year of production in 1993, the immediate performance increase was noticeable. By compounding off of the earlier success of its V8 motors, Chrysler was able to gain a new series of fans through the 1990s. It is possible to buy a 5.9 Magnum engine V8 build for less at this website.

The base model 5.9-liter displacement did offer a 230 horsepower rating. This was an critical part of making this larger motor successful. Because the 5.2 was released only a year earlier, there were already people interested in what Chrysler would do to its Dodge series. There were upgrades made nearly every year until 2003 for the 5.9 motor.

Restored 5.9 V8 Engines

Someone who owns a Grand Cherokee, Durango, Dakota, Ram, Ramcharger or Ram Wagon would likely be using this website for research. Getting the right version of the 5.9-liter is a good first start. The 5.2 and 5.9 are not interchangeable. This means that a swap cannot be made without the correct unit.

When seeking a block that is remanufactured, someone deciding whether or not to buy a restored engine can have multiple questions. It is from good tests that motor quality is gained. Because used Magnum motors can have a short shelf life, rebuilders like Revven.com do not stock only preowned blocks.

Dyno Tested Dodge Magnum Motors

What engine replaced the 5.9-liter in the USA? The 5.7 Hemi was built after 2003 and officially replaced the entire Magnum series. Although a 3.9 and a 8.0 were introduced, these could not compete with the more powerful V8 versions. When buying a crate 5.9 is not possible, purchasing a road and factory tested engine is a good choice. Only dyno tested blocks are featured at this website.

There are anywhere between 13 to 19 digits found on the block of a regular Magnum engine. Someone who needs to identify a unit before buying a replacement should know that fact. This will be crucial when purchasing a tested V8 unit from a reliable dealer. Every remanufactured Dodge V8 engine featured on this website comes with a separate policy for warranty protection.

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A good photo and a description of what can be ordered is not enough for some people. More people want to know about the rebuilding process. Other people are only interested in a featured sale price. How much does a 5.9 V8 cost to ship? Every person has a number of question that need to be answered before making a retail purchase.

To figure out the sale price, make use of the box to the right of this page. The area is where price quotes are tabulated. If the vehicle and year are supplied, the next piece of puzzle is the display of sale pricing. There is a toll-free support line that is offered as a means of finding what VIN is compatible with replacement Dodge Magnum motors featured here.