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3.7 is the engine used by Chrysler to power its Dodge brand vehicles in the USA. The true Dodge identifier for this block is the EKG series and PowerTech in the Jeep family. Regardless of the names used, the V6 power and consistency is what engine buyers are after. On this Revven website, a person can save money buying Dodge 3.7 engines for sale.

In the year 2002, Chrysler introduced its EKG series as a SOHC edition. The first installation was in the Ram series. This production schedule lasted for a period of 10 years. The success of the 3.7 quickly led to installations in other subsidiary brands. The Durango, Dakota, Nitro, Commander, Cherokee and Raider are all nameplates that have furthered the popularity of the V6 3.7-liter engine.

Dodge 210 Horsepower 3.7 Engine

There are a total of 226 cubic inches in the aluminum cylinder shaft of the EKG V6. A maximum ratio of 5200 RPMs is delivered with a top speed of 210 horsepower. While the specs of the 3.7 can change, a person hoping to swap this edition in place of a bad one will find a lot of options are available.

Dodge does not rely on its V6 3.7 in the newer vehicles that are built in America. Support ended for the EKG motor in the year 2010. Chrysler now uses a similar Pentastar motor as the official replacement for the 3.7-liter design. A person ready to buy a unit as a preowned version can still find inventory at Revven.

Warranties with 3.7 EKG Dodge Engines

There are a total of 2 valves per cylinder in the final version of the 3.7 V6. While this means more power to users, it can also increase the potential of a problem with parts. There are many delicate components that are found in a regular Chrysler built motor. While these are usually in good condition, wear and tear will likely deteriorate the quality.

The Revven company introduces only the top condition motors in the Dodge and Chrysler families here. Aside from the stocked warehouse, consumers shopping here do receive a decent warranty plan. A number of years are supplied in the regular document that help buyers secure a longer coverage time frame. This can prevent some issues if a part fails and no local replacement is available.

Used 3.7 Dodge Engines On Sale

To pay less for a motor in stock, use the locator system to match the year and model of a Dodge vehicle needing a new engine. A price is then calculated through the system and inventory is checked for stock levels. A price review or total checkout can then be completed using this website.

Once prices are explored and a person is ready to buy, the option of purchasing through this resource is presented. Since not all people buy on the web, calling the toll-free number here can help. A Dodge engine specialist who knows how to match VIN information and relay warranty information is provided.