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Lessons learned in engine design and development helped the Chevrolet truck series to prosper since the 1960s. The C/K series of pickup trucks are now labeled as Silverado builds although there is still a market for parts buyers to find original motors. Before buying a replacement CK Chevy engine, it is helpful to know what is and what is not still available nationally as a truck owner.

1999: The Year CK Was Discontinued

Up until the early 1980s, GM used a number of inline motors for its full-size trucks. There were periods of several years in between each installation to allow for upgrades to happen. The 1999 year was the switch over to the Silverado as well as other Chevy engine blocks for installation. Someone with a classic or late 1990s CK truck can still find a low mileage engine block.

The motors that are the most common to find on this website and through other sources include the 4.1, 5.7, 4.8, 7.4, 5.0 and 4.3. There was a diesel motor available although these were the last of the Detroit Diesel models from Chevrolet. Through truck design facelifts and some public controversy, the Chevy CK pickup truck has endured quite a history in the auto industry.

Specs for CK Engines Available

The smallest amount of horsepower found in a 1981 to 1999 C/K truck is 148 hp. The maximum power level was 290 with the average being about 175 to 200. What was noticeable between all Chevy truck engines was the update to the torque. Not only did the RPM red line increase, the pounds-per-foot for torque also improved. This is one of the benefits of a GM motor block in the eyes of consumers.

Known Chevy CK Motor Problems

Minimal problems have been reported in the U.S. market for the entire fleet of V8 and inline 6 engines used in the CK truck models. Simple engine misfires, leaking valve stems and lost power problems reported were likely due to consumer negligence for regular maintenance. All Revven provided inventory on this website has been double checked for quality before being sold.

Buying Used, Rebuilt or Reman CK Engines

All blocks that are listed as in stock through this resource are in top quality condition. These are complete motors that are immediately ready to swap with a defective unit upon delivery. Price review can be conducted when using the inventory exploration system on this website. From lower than MSRP pricing to actual costs for shipping, a wealth of automotive information can be found with the touch of a button.