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GM small-block engines have always been offered in 5.3 or 5.7 V8 sizes. The history of Chevrolet and other subsidiary brands would never be completely told without mentioning the 5.7. From the SS to the Chevelle, V8 power ruled the 1970s. Someone interested in finding out how to buy a 5.7 liter Chevy engine can find good information on this resource online.

Through the different years of production, General Motors experimented with changes to the V8 block design. There are 350 cubic inches in the 5.7 and 5.3 sizes. This is why most dealers still call these motors a Chevy 350. The older blocks used what was known as flat-cam or roller-cam designs. These were used in the 1970s and in the 1980s across most GM brands.

Vortec 5700 or Small-Block 350

The differences between older and newer engine technology are clear in the original 350. Not only was the horsepower larger, the heads were completely different. The 1990s were good to General Motors. The benefit of computer technologies helped to design the Vortec family. These Generation I 5.7 editions are known as the 5700 blocks. The RPO code is L31 for these units.

The LT1 is a Gen II 5.7 block. These were used just after the development of Vortec engines at GM. The big V8 power was something that consumers really took to for several decades. Because no other automakers could compete, General Motors continued building its small-block 5.7 motors in the U.S.

A third and less popular option for the 5.7 series is known a crate engine. These are specialty built motors that are drop-in editions for most project cars. While the price for these builds is not cheap, some people do prefer the 350 crate over the used 5700 Vortec or LT1 blocks. Revven sells discount used editions entirely online.

5.7 V8 Motors with a Warranty

Since buying something preowned is not like a new block, warranty coverage is a must. A person who enters this website to explore used Chevrolet engines should know about warranty plans. The sale price of a motor on some websites does not include features like shipping or the cost of a parts warranty. One way Revven supplies more value is by offering what other motor retailers do not.

Buy Used Condition 5.7 Chevy Engines

Sorting price data by engine codes is simple here. Once the year and vehicle model have been provided, what comes next is an overview of sticker prices. People who appreciate a discount will appreciate the Revven inventory. Nearly all small-block 5.7 V8 motors produced over a 40-year span are in stock here.

This means a person does not have to search offline resources. One click here takes the place of calling a dealer to inquire about an engine quote. Every authentic OEM motor block is complete although does feature some mileage. The exterior is clean and the price is right for nearly all motor swap budgets.