Used Transmissions

How much is a preowned car transmission? That is what some people type into a search engine like Google when hoping to find price data. Since metrics for locating parts dealers can change on the web, getting real MSRP or discount price data can be hard. Revven is one vehicle parts portal that specializes in a few key components for most domestic and foreign automaker brands. The used transmissions that are for sale listed on this site are priced at the right level for the average owner of a car or truck.

Before prices can ever be explored, a person who is just getting to the research point should understand the differences in terminology is the car parts industry. The word “used gearbox” can have some negatives surrounding it. This does not mean that all second hand inventory is bad, but it does take some understanding of why people might not like the phrase. In reality, there are two versions of a car parts retailer a person will encounter on the Internet. The first is a supplier. The second is a drop shipper.

Certified Transmission Versus Second Hand

It is sometimes common to find advertisements for “certified replacement transmissions” or “second hand manual gearboxes for sale” listed by some dealers. Knowing the slight differences between each model is important as a consumer. A preowned car part that is listed as certified has undergone a mechanic inspection. Most companies use a 32-point inspection procedure. All working parts are tested, fluid is measured and the condition is graded from A to B to C.

A second hand model is one that is passed between the original owner and a reseller. It has become very common for people who acquired a replacement transmission for later resale to not conduct a validation test. The units are simply passed along to a consumer who will have to deal with a problem or issue. A regular seller of a used automatic transmission for sale usually drop ships the components direct to a consumer without having any part in the quality testing procedures.

Electronic Compared to Manual Controls

For the average person, he or she only knows that a vehicle has a 4-speed, 5-speed, 6-speed or 8-speed shifting mechanism. This is the extent of the knowledge of a normal adult. When a gearbox shuts down, parts might be able to be ordered for a replacement. In a majority of cases, a problem with an electrical component or age of the unit might be the real issue that must be dealt with. In the secondary market for automobile parts in the U.S., a transmission is classified as a manual, CVT or electronic assembly.

Shifting modules that were produced before 1990 are most often manual editions or hydraulic controlled automatic versions. Companies like GM and Ford developed electronic solenoid modules that now perform automated functions. Some popular modules are the 4L60E, 4L80E, 4L65E, AOD, 5R55, 4R100, 4OTE, 42LE, 68RFE, A604 and other editions. Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Honda, Suzuki, Isuzu, Chrysler and Jeep brands all have mixtures of units.

Warranty Term for Used Car Parts

Once an understanding of what is available to buy is known, the final piece of the puzzle to understand is a parts warranty policy. Under most state laws in the USA, automotive parts resellers do provide up to a 60-day plan of coverage. This period is the testing phase for an assembly like a transmission or car engine. Consumers can evaluate the product for correct workmanship to ensure no sudden failures happen.

When it comes to transmissions, companies that offer rebuilt or remanufactured models can excel in the warranty terms offered. When something has been reconditioned from scratch, newer parts can be added instead of cleaned or tested like with used gearboxes. The typical term of coverage on this portal is a period of up to 24 months after a sale is finalized. This gives more than enough time to try out a module after it is installed.

Prices Quotes for Replacement Transmissions

A dedicated search module has been installed on this website for use by consumers. In order to find a used gearbox for a sale price, two things need to happen first. Choosing the correct model year and applying the automaker to review will result in correct use of the system here. Prices will vary because salvage yards and auto wrecking yards that supply the American and foreign auto parts on this website each set different retail prices.

When a price is displayed, it is usually connected to one or more transmission ID tags that are represented in the warehouse. A person who already knows the tag identification can then proceed with a sale. Someone who needs more assistance can always ask for help using the phone number supplied. There is a web form that can be filled to receive an instant response from a customer support expert. Revven is the go-to resource used by hundreds of adults daily to find out how much it costs to replace a defective car, truck, van or SUV transmission of any type.